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Victoria A. Foster

Professor of Counselor Education

Vic Foster arrived at William & Mary in 1992 as assistant professor and co-director of the New Horizons Family Counseling Center. She has been a pillar of the counseling program in the decades since, mentoring students, conducting research in the area of family counseling and expanding the pioneering work of the clinic.

Originally created under the leadership of Fred Adair, the counseling center served about 50 families yearly when Vic took over as director in 1992. Today, it serves more than 350 families each year. An active research clinic, data collected from the clinic has fueled numerous dissertations and published papers, and faculty leadership is constantly evaluating and refining the service they provide at no cost to local families and to their counselors in training.

"My time at William & Mary has enlarged my idea of public service. I’ve been on a journey of becoming a teacher, rather than a practitioner, and it’s humbling to think about how many lives I’ve been able to touch, either directly or indirectly, in my work here."


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The New Horizons Family Counseling Center Fund supports the work of the school’s counseling training clinic. Vic Foster and Rip McAdams have been co-directors of the clinic since the early 1990s, and their work has made the center a model for counseling programs across the nation.

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