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Student Organizations

Get involved - make new connections

In the School of Education, we have several organizations for students to actively participate in at the graduate level:

Graduate Education Association

The Graduate Education Association disseminates information regarding different programs in the School of Education and in other units of the University; promotes better communication among graduate students, faculty, and administration of the School of Education; represents the graduate students of the School of Education at official functions and on committees of William & Mary; assists graduate students with such matters as the provision of a limited number of mini-grants which provide reimbursements to cover transportation, lodging, and conference registration fees; provides for an exchange of ideas among scholars of various fields; promotes social activities for its members; and adjudicates student honor code infractions. All graduate students in the School of Education who have been admitted to a program and/or are enrolled in one or more classes are members.

Chi Sigma Iota

Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society for professional counseling. Established in 1985, Chi Sigma Iota was created to promote and recognize outstanding academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling. Counselors-in-training, counselor educators, and professional counselors alike who are committed to research and service can unite through Chi Sigma Iota.

Higher Education Student Association (HESA)

The purpose of the Higher Education Student Association (HESA) is to encourage and promote student development as professionals and scholars within the Higher Education program at William & Mary.  The aim of HESA is to continue a high level of academic discourse among students and faculty in the School of Education as well as to encourage and support students in their academic and social community. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional intellectual and personal standards and to recognize graduates of the University for their outstanding contributions to education. To this end, the organization invites to membership persons who exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. The organization endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work.

School Pyschology Student Association (SPSA)

SPSA is a student-run organization designed to represent and serve the interests of graduate students in the School Psychology program. Our officers organize and host events to promote a cohesive and collaborative environment for students within the program and alumni.

William and Mary Educational Review

The purpose of The William & Mary Educational Review is to create a student publication for those enrolled in the School of Education at William & Mary.  It will provide a venue for School of Education students to publish their original work; give students the opportunity to be a part of the process of publishing works in a peer-reviewed journal; and share with the community the work being done to enhance education and scholarship at William & Mary School of Education.