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Engagement and Opportunities to Respond

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  • Techniques for Active Learners includes 18 techniques that teachers can easily implement to increase time on task for all learners. Techniques are grouped into the following categories: Motivation and Focus, During Instruction, Cooperative Group Work, and Evaluation.Favorite Resource
  • Graphic Organizers: Guiding Principles and Effective Practices offers research-based suggestions for making graphic organizers straightforward and coherent for students,  outlines the primary categories and uses for graphic organizers, and includes strategies to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Helping All Students Meet the Standards with Technology and Project-Based Learning focuses on the use of multimedia technology by students of all abilities to showcase or share information gained as a result of applied or project-based learning activities. An overview of project-based learning within inclusive settings is presented along with practical ideas and resources for implementing and evaluating multimedia-based projects.
  • Practice and Homework – Effective Teaching Strategies focuses on practice and homework as instructional strategies that teachers can utilize daily to increase and maintain retention of information for all learners. Included are strategies for practicing new learning, including visualization, mnemonics, quick writes, and effective questioning. Tips for homework completion for both teachers and parents are suggested.Family Friendly Resource
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VDOE Resources: Student Engagement

  • Student Engagement and High Yield Strategies is presented by the VDOE’s Office of School Improvement uses research on student engagement from Robert Marzano and John Hattie to show how lessons can be designed to increase student learning.  The presentation highlights VA Standard of Learning examples of engaging lessons.
  • John Hattie's High Impact Student Engagement Strategies presented by SURN is presented by Dr. Jan Rozzelle, former Executive Director of the Superintendents’ University Research Network (SURN).  This presentation outlines Hattie’s high impact student engagement strategies.Favorite Resource

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  • Enhanced Scope and Sequence (ESS) Lessons - The Virginia Department of Education offers Enhanced Scope and Sequence Lesson Plans to teachers in Math, English, Science, and History & Social Science that are searchable by SOL objective or keyword.  The lessons are designed to be an instructional tool for teachers that includes strategies for differentiation to increase student success. 
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  • Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning
  • Hot Tips for Teachers: 30 Steps to Student Engagement

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