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Clinical Instruction

Through the New Horizons Family Counseling Center students pursuing a marriage and family therapy emphasis can complete all the clinical course work necessary for licensure as a marriage and family therapist. Two clinical courses required for licensure are offered exclusively through the Center: ED C42 (Practicum in Marriage & Family Counseling) and ED646 (Internship in Marriage & Family Counseling). Students in these courses participate in over 700 hours of live family counseling, individual supervision, and peer group supervision, as well as in specialized workshops and intensive training experiences in family counseling theory, techniques, and ethical professional practice.

At New Horizons, all student counselors receive a minimum of one hour of individual supervision and two and a half hours of group supervision each week. All clinical instruction and group supervision are provided by experienced, licensed faculty supervisors. Individual supervision is provided by the faculty and by advanced doctoral students under faculty direction. A small faculty-to-student ratio at the Center (typically about 1:6) ensures that students recieve levels of support that are appropriate to their clinical challenges. A strong student community facilitated at New Horizons encourages a supportive atmosphere, intellectual stimulation, and the sharing of expertise.