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10 Years of Collaboration Between the Center for Gifted Education and Centre for Talented Youth-Ireland

Since 2011, two centers dedicated to serving individuals with gifts and talents – one in the US and one in Ireland – have collaborated in research with Irish educators, parents, and the students attending CTYI.

A full report of the 10 years of research with students was published in June, 2022. The report, entitled Irish Gifted Students: Self, Social, and Academic Explorations, includes a wealth of information about the students’ psychology and their social and experiences. Download the full student report here. Download the summary report here. Using the research, a resource guide was developed in 2023 to provide information that can be practically applied by students, parents, teachers, counselors, and policy makers. Download the Resource Guide here.


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More than 1400 parents of students who had attended CTYI programs reported on their attitudes toward gifted education and the experiences of their gifted children in Irish schools. The full report of the parent study, entitled Gifted Education in Ireland: Parents’ Beliefs and Experiences was published in March, 2019. Download the full parent report here.


The report entitled Gifted Education in Ireland: Educators’ Beliefs and Practices describes attitudes, beliefs, and teacher-reported classroom practices among 470 teachers and 367 school leaders and other staff. The report was published in December, 2014. Download the full educator report here.