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Since its inception, the Center for Gifted Education has been engaged in applied research and program evaluations. The Center has been sponsored by the USDOE under the Javits Grant for curriculum development initiatives and research for 15 years. The centerpiece of many of our research studies has focused on the evaluation of the William & Mary curriculum units and their effectiveness in classrooms. The Center has also contracted with state or local agencies for medium or small scale research and evaluation studies; these studies have been instrumental in helping key leaders and policy makers at different levels in decision-making and developing strategic plans for gifted program improvement.

Conducting Research at the Center for Gifted Education

The Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary is interested in pursuing research in all areas related to gifted studies. Many questions in both the education and psychology of gifted persons remain unanswered. Researchers are welcome to apply to the Center to engage in investigations of interest to them. The Center does not routinely provide funding for such research. Many sources of funding are available through grants and foundations (e.g., Spencer Foundation, Fulbright Program). The Center will supply you with work space and access to the exceptional research facilities on the William and Mary campus, along with a support network of professionals experienced in gifted studies who will confer with you in the planning and design of your project. In addition to providing your own funding source, you will be responsible for the actual implementation and analysis of your research with Center professionals available for consultation.

Share your expertise

Visiting scholars offer an opportunity for members of the William & Mary community to learn about others’ research. All visiting scholars are expected to present their research at some point during their stay to W&M faculty and/or students.

Propose your research

Your research proposal will be submitted to an evaluation process to determine its appropriateness and feasibility. Your proposal must contain evidence documenting that the project is worthwhile and will contribute to the empirical base of knowledge about the education or psychology of gifted persons. Your literature review should situate your research in the larger body of what is presently known about the topic. All research projects involving human subjects will require approval of the College’s Institutional Review Board and should be designed keeping the rights of subjects in mind. Before engaging in any human subjects research with the Center, researchers will need to provide a completion report from the training program of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), which can be found online at

Please send your completed application along with your curriculum vitae and research proposal to:

Dr. Jennifer Riedl Cross
Center for Gifted Education
William & Mary
PO Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Download application (doc).

Questions may be directed to [[jrcros, Dr. Jennifer Riedl Cross]], 757-221-2414.