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Doctoral Program Graduates' Dissertation Topics

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Title (Year)
Where Are They Now?
Linda Avery Teacher Efficacy and Behavior: Their Relationship and Impact on Student Learning (2000) Professional Consultant and Independent Researcher
Wenyu Bai Developmental Strategies and Styles of Gifted Adolescents and Their Measurement of Gifted Students (2006)
Elissa Brown Systemic Reform: The Impact of North Carolina’s State-initiated Polices on Local Gifted Programs (2001) Director of Gifted North Carolina
Kim Chandler A National Study of Curriculum Policies and Practices in Gifted Education (2004) Director, Curriculum and Instruction Center for Gifted Education, College of William and Mary
Joy Davis An Exploration of the Impact of Family on the Achievement of African American Gifted Learners Originating from Low-Income Environments
Denise Drain Teachers' Attitiudes and Practices Towards Differentiating for Gifted Learners in K-5 General Education Classrooms (2008) Maryville University, MO
Matt Edinger An Exploratory Study of Creativity-Fostering Teacher Behaviors in Secondary Classrooms Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA
Ellen Fithian Rate of advanced placement (AP) exam taking among AP-enrolled students: A study of New Jersey High Schools (2003) Professional Consultant and Independent researcher
Heather French The Use of Jacob's Ladder to Enhance Critical Thinking Abilities in Gifted and Promising Learners Populations (2006)
Paula Ginsberg An Exploratory Study of the Success of Twice-exceptional Students in College (2007)
Valerie Gregory Effects of Staff Development on Student Learning (2002) Chesterfield Co. Public Schools, Chesterfield, VA
Suzanna Henshon Talent Development and the Creative Writing Process: A Study of High-ability and Gifted Teenagers (2005) Professional Writer and published author Instructor, Florida Gulf Coast University
Christine Hill Department of Defense Educational Activity
Tacey Hopper
Case studies of home-schooled gifted students (2002)
Claire Hughes Comparative Study of Teaching Critical Thinking Through Persuasive Writing to Average, Gifted and Students with Learning Disabilities (2000) Indiana University in Pennsylvania
Catherine Little A Study of Figurative Language Development and Production in Primary Gifted Children (2002) Assistant Professor of Gifted Education, University of Connecticut
Louis P. Lloyd-Zannini A Correlation Study of School Principals Perceptions of Self-efficacy and the Availability & Quality of Gifted Programming in their Schools (2002) Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
Susan McGowan An Exploratory Study of the Use of Critical and Creative Thinking in Elementary Language Arts Classrooms (2007) Assistant Professor, Longwood University, VA
William Rutledge Orton Influences of Self in Career Decision-making among Gifted Adolescents Attending Governor’s School in Science and Technology (Virginia) (1999) Professional Consultant
Donna Poland Instructional Strategies in Science Classrooms of Specialized Secondary Schools for the Gifted (2003) Virginia State Gifted Coordinator
Chwee Quek A National Study of Scientific Talent Development in Singapore (2005) Ministry of Education, Singapore
Martin Reardon Assessing Potential for Learning: A Factor-analytic Study of a Performance-based Identification Protocol for Young, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged High-ability Learners (2000) Virginia Commonwealth University
Lisa A. Schenkel Optimal Educational Experiences and Their Relationship to Self-concept and Flow in Adolescent High-Ability and Gifted Learners (2001) Professional Consultant
Tamra Stambaugh An Exploratory Study of Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program (2007) Vanderbilt University, TN
Jeanne Struck A Study of Talent Development in a Predominantly Low SES and/or African American Population (2003) Supervisor of Gifted and Fine Arts Williamsburg/James City County School Division
Kim Tyler A Study of Perceived Teacher Effectiveness (2006) Assistant Professor, Texas Wesleyan in Burleson, TX
Suzannah Wood Gifted and Talented Adolescents; Experiences in School Counseling: A Mixed Method Investigation (2005) Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
Bess Worley II An Exploratory Study of Secondary Arts Schools for the Gifted (2006) Gifted Coordinator Gloucester County Public Schools