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Language Arts Curriculum

The goals of the Language Arts units are to develop students' skills in literary analysis and interpretation, persuasive writing, linguistic competency, and oral communication as well as to strengthen students' reasoning skills and understanding of the concept of change. The units engage students in exploring carefully selected, challenging works of literature from various times, cultures, and genres; and they encourage students to reflect on their readings through writing and discussion. The units also provide numerous opportunities for students to explore interdisciplinary connections to the language arts and to conduct research around issues relevant to their own lives. A guide to using the curriculum is also available.

The following figure illustrates the Language Arts Curriculum Framework.



The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts for grades K–5 and 6–12 define what students should understand and be able to do by the end of each grade. They correspond to the College and Career Readiness (CCR) anchor standards. The College and Career Readiness (CCR) anchor standards provide broad standards, that, together with the grade-level standards, define the specific skills and understandings that all students must demonstrate. On this page you will find a copy of the correlation to the CCSS.

For information about the language arts curriculum, training, or professional development, please contact [[aycarpenter, Dr. Ashley Carpenter]].

The training modules have been revised to include information about correlations to the Common Core State Standards. Additionally, the training offered by the Center for Gifted Education can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your district.

See the CFGE Language Arts Curriculum Overview for detailed information about the curriculum units available from Kendall Hunt.