Join the Tribe - February 27

Location:  Matoaka Woods Room, School of Education


Invitation only event for newly admitted students to the Higher Education program

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This invitation only event enables newly admitted students to the higher education program to interact with current students, the faculty, and most importantly, potential Graduate Assistantship supervisors.  This event provides you with the opportunity to discuss your career preferences with our community of scholars, and investigate potential graduate assistantship openings.  Be sure to bring a copy of your resume with you.  If you are available the evening of February 26th, we are also hosting a casual dinner with current higher education students at a local restaurant, and a Dessert Reception with faculty, current students and assistantship supervisors later that evening.    If you want to attend either the Sunday and/or Monday events, please RSVP

 Admitted students who are interested in obtaining an assistantships are encouraged to reach out to hiring supervisors prior to the event in order to learn more about certain positions. If you are interested in a particular assistantship, we recommend you communicate with the supervisor to pre-schedule an interview slot for Monday, February 27. Please use the attached “Interview Schedule” to schedule your interview time(s). Each interview slot is 15 minutes long with 5-minutes allotted for transition. You will also have an opportunity to sign up for additional interview slots on Monday morning at A Day at William & Mary – Join the Tribe!

Part-time students are invited to the dinner and dessert reception on Sunday evening, February 26.  If you are a part time student, and plan to attend the Sunday events, please RSVP

 Additional details regarding these events for newly admitted students will be sent to you after we receive your RSVP. 

 We are also opening up one of our classes, EPPL 635 Organization and Governance in Higher Education, to our new students.  Our new admits are invited to sit in on this course on Monday evening at 4:30 p.m.  This is a great way to get a closer look at the academic aspect of the higher education program.

 Scholarship Opportunity 

Full-time students should also consider applying for the Chamberlin Higher Education Recruitment Award.  Please bring the completed form to campus with you if you attend the event on February 27th.  If you cannot attend the event, you can mail it to our office.