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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes up an assistantship package?

Your assistantship package consists of multiple parts: tuition aid, stipend, and an out-of-state waiver (if needed). Your tuition aid is applied directly to your student account each semester. The amounts are detailed in your contract. The stipend is paid to you via direct deposit, two times each month. Your stipend is NOT applied to your student account.
If you received an out-of-state waiver, you will see it as a credit on your e-bill each semester.

How do I receive the stipend portion of my assistantship package?

All payroll deposits come from through the Payroll Office and are sent to your financial institution via direct deposit, the on-line form can be accessed by logging into Banner Self-Service: Employee Forms: Direct Deposit.  A voided check or routing and account number will be needed.

Does holding an assistantship make me an in-state student?

No. If you receive at least $4,000 in stipend as part of a graduate assistantship, you are eligible for an out-of-state tuition waiver. The Office of Academic Programs requests the waiver from the Provost’s office. Once approved, the waiver is applied to your student account as a credit – the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition (listed in Financial Aid on your e-bill). The waiver does NOT make you an in-state student.

If you cease being a graduate assistant, you will be charged the out-of-state tuition rate (even if you are on internship). If you end your assistantship mid-year and do not earn the required $4,000 in stipend, you will lose the out of state waiver for both fall and spring semesters. 

How do I get office space for my assistantship work?

Please work with your supervisor to determine where you will be working. Some faculty request the graduate assistant to work out of their faculty offices. If you are a full-time doctoral SOE graduate assistant, you will be given a pod on the 3rd floor. Half-time GA’s are assigned a pod on a space available basis and sometimes share space with another half-time GA. GA’s that are grant funded typically work in the grant’s office space. 

Can I hold additional work while holding an assistantship?

You cannot hold any other employment, on campus or off, unless it is approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs. If you want to request approval for additional work, you should email the Senior Associate Dean with the details of your assistantship and the additional work assignment.

What is the maximum about of additional hours I can work outside of my GA?

If you are a full time graduate assistant, your additional work plus the hours of your cannot exceed 29 hours per week.

Can I be paid as an adjunct while holding a graduate assistantship?

Unfortunately,  no.  Graduate Assistants are classified in the student employee category.  Adjuncts are classified as regular staff.  Employees cannot be in two different employment categories at the same time.

How many credits do I need to take each semester to be eligible for an assistantship?

You must be enrolled full-time (for graduate students 9 credit hours equal full time enrollment). You must enroll in coursework that is required for your program. Taking credits that are not required for your program can jeopardize your eligibility for aid.

How do I determine my work schedule?

You will need to check with the supervisor listed on your contract. Your supervisor will determine your work schedule. You must communicate with your supervisor if you need to request time off or adjust your hours in anyway. You should secure approval before taking time off or shifting any work hours. You can be removed from your GA position if you do not complete the hours and/or work required by your position.

What is the work schedule for a typical graduate assistant?

Half time assistantships require approximately 10 hours of work per week; Full time assistantships require approximately 20 hours of work per week (you should not work more than an average of 20 hours per week). You should work out your schedule with your supervisor. Some assistantship assignments will require flexibility on your part, others are more structured. You are typically required to work the schedule of the staff if you are working for a center or office.

Am I required to work assistantship hours during breaks like Fall Break, Spring Break, etc?

You are required to work during breaks if your assistantship requires it. Check with your supervisor.

How do I schedule space in the School of Education?

As a student in the School of Education, you can schedule space through the Virtual EMS – Instructions for reserving space can be found on our website in the Current Student gateway –

Can I continue my assistantship next year?

Most graduate assistants keep their positions for multiple years. You must apply to keep your position. The Office of Academic Programs will email all current students in December each year to remind them to apply. Applications are due by the end of January. You will need to obtain the signature of your current supervisor(s) on the application in order to remain in same position for the following academic year. If you give up the assistantship assignment you have for the current school year, you are not guaranteed to have a graduate assistantship for the next school year.