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Faculty Application for Graduate Assistant Support

Application is due December 31st.

The GA application process only applies to assistantships funded by the School of Education, not to assistantships provided by Student Affairs or other areas of campus. Furthermore, the GA process does not apply to SOE offices that fund their own graduate assistantships or to those who plan to fund a graduate assistant using a grant or other external funding. 

Faculty members who would like to have a graduate assistant work with them should complete the application form below:

Faculty Application for Graduate Assistant Support

Every department and every program is unique with their own specific set of needs. Therefore, all applications will undergo a holistic review process taking into account all the ways each request represents a unique situation and the resources available. In order to help the review committee in this process, we recommend applications include information on the following:

  • In addition to sharing how useful the GA would be for your project, provide some details on how this would be a quality learning experience for the GA.
  •  If you are receiving funding from a different source (e.g., perhaps partial funding for a GA position from a foundation) provide some information on what role you see this additional funding taking in supporting students.
  • Please share if you are intending on going on leave during the year the GA will be assigned to you.