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Our School Psychology and Counseling programs prepare highly qualified professionals to practice in the public schools or in related educational and mental health settings. The Counseling Program offers CACREP-accredited master’s and doctoral degrees.

Master's Programs 
Advanced Programs
Licensure as a Professional Counselor in Virginia

At this time in Virginia, licensure as a Professional Counselor requires a master’s degree in counseling, 60 hours of graduate course work in counseling, a 4000-hour, post-master’s clinical residency, and successful completion of the licensure examination. The program of studies  for all of the M.Ed.degrees in Counseling at William & Mary includes all the required areas of classroom and clinical instruction needed for licensure as a Professional Counselor in Virginia and most other states.  The entire 60 hours need not be taken during the M.Ed. program.  Students in programs requiring less than 60 hours for graduation may elect to complete the 60 hours required for Virginia licensure before or after they graduate.

Licensure as a Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner In Virginia (LSATP)

The program of studies for the Clinical Mental Health & Addictions Counseling program also meets the coursework and clinical instruction requirements for licensure in Virginia as Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner. 

First Aid, CPR and AED Training Licensure Requirement

Students seeking school counseling licensure in Virginia will need to complete training in emergency first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the use of automated external defibrillators.  Students will need to provide documentation of completion of this training, which is usually an official card.  Training courses are offered by the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.