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Comprehensive Exams

Formal written and/or oral comprehensive exams are required for admission to doctoral candidacy. The Office of Academic Programs schedules the comprehensive examination.

Registration for comprehensive exams is required.  The deadline to register for Fall comprehensive exams is August 1; the deadline to apply for spring comprehensive exams is December 1.

Purpose of the Comprehensive Examination

The purpose of the comprehensive examination process is threefold. The first emphasis is placed upon the use of the comprehensive exam for the student to demonstrate the ability to produce an independent integration and synthesis across the graduate course work and topic areas in the program of study. The second emphasis is to assess the student's ability to interrelate theory, research and practice in the program of study. Third, the comprehensive exam is an opportunity to assess the readiness of the student to continue the doctoral program to completion, with an emphasis on appropriate knowledge, scholarly writing and organizational skills.

Comprehensive Examination Format

The Comprehensive Exam format is different for those students in SPACE and EPPL programs.

SPACE Comprehensive Exam

EPPL Comprehensive Exam