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Janise Parker

Associate Professor of School Psychology

Office: 3127
Phone: (757) 221-6086
Email: [[jparker]]
Areas of Expertise: Sociocultural Factors and Positive Youth Development Among Black Students, Culturally Responsive Behavioral and Mental Health Services, Religious/Spiritual Diversity Among Minoritized Youth


Janise Parker takes a healing approach to understanding the intersection of history and current practices to inform services that help communities to thrive and grow. Her research focuses on (a) culturally responsive mental and behavioral health services, (b) sociocultural factors and positive youth development, especially among Black K-12 students, and (c) religious and spiritual diversity among marginalized youth. As a licensed psychologist and researcher focused on multicultural practice, Dr. Parker has consistently trained students to respond to the needs of diverse populations by providing holistic mental health care for youth and families and/or producing scholarship of impact.


Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of Florida, 2015
M.Ed. in School Psychology, University of Florida, 2013
B.S. in Psychology, Florida State University, 2010

Activities and Honors

National Association of School Psychologists Presidential Award for Excellence in Service to Children and School Psychology (February 2023)

Virginia Academy of School Psychologists Social Justice Advocate Award (October 2022)

National Association of School Psychologists Faculty Sponsor Champion (August 2022)

President’s Award for Service to the Community, William & Mary (August 2022)

Strategic Cultural Partnerships Faculty Fellow, William & Mary (May 2022)

Black Leaders in School Psychology (March 2022)

Early Career Faculty Award, Trainers of School Psychologists (February 2022)

Early Career Scholar, School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference, Society for the Study of School Psychology (February 2022)

School Psychology Review Journal Scholar Spotlight (August 2020)

Selected Publications

Parker, J. S., Purvis, L., & Williams, B. (2022). Religious/Spiritual Struggles and Mental Health Among Black Adolescents and Emerging Adults: A Meta-synthesis. Journal of Black Psychology, online first. 

Parker, J. S., Haskins, N., Clemons, A., McClure, E., & Washington, J. (2022). Early career Black women in school-based mental health fields: Understanding their experiences of workplace discrimination. Journal of School Psychology, 92, 49-65. 

Parker, J. S. (2021). School mental health services and predominantly Black churches: Supporting African American students through collaborative partnerships. Journal of Negro Education, 90(4), 508-523. 

Parker, J. S., Haskins, N., Lee, A., Rodenbo, A., & O’Brien, E. (2021). School mental health trainees’ perceptions of a virtual community-based partnership to support Black youth. School Psychology Review

Parker, J. S., Haskins, N., Lee, A., Hailemeskel, R., & Adepoju, T. (2021). Black adolescents’ perceptions of COVID-19: Challenges, coping, and connection to family, religious, and school support. School Psychology, 36(5), 303-312. 

Parker, J. S., & Hanson, P. (2021). School stakeholders do not “just leave their religious beliefs at home”: An exploratory study of school psychologists’ professional experience. International Journal of School & Educational Psychology, 9(1), 88-100. 

Parker, J. S., Fulmore, K., Schulze, M., Marano, L., Manderfield, C., & Anderson, J. (2020). Spirituality and religiosity as diversity topics in school psychology publications: A content analysis of school psychology journals. Contemporary School Psychology. Advance Online Publication.

Parker, J. S., Garnes, J., Amabile, A., Oliver, E., Sarathy, A. (2020). It takes a village: Self-determination skill use and development among African American high school students. School Psychology Review. Advance online publication.

Parker, J. S., Oliver, E., Amabile, A., Garnes, J. & Sarathy, A. (2020). Facilitators and barriers to African American high school students’ self-determination skill expression. Psychology in the Schools. Advance online publication.

Parker, J. S., Castillo, J., Sabanis, S., Daye, J., & Hanson, P. (2019). Culturally responsive consultation among practicing school psychologists. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. Advance online publication.

Parker, J. S. (2019). Spiritual and religious multicultural practice competencies: A partial replication study with school psychologists. School Psychology Forum, 13(1), 53-73.