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Multisensory Structured Language Instruction and Teaching Series

Before you get started:
  • Watch training modules on a computer.
  • Register one time so we have your participation information.
Instructional Components

Watch this quick orientation video to learn how to navigate this series.
Videos may take a couple minutes to load depending on your connection.

{{youtube:large|SZpn5RYs90k,Orientation Video}}

Introductory Module Section to Lesson Plan
Section 1 Module:  Alphabet Knowledge and Phonemic Awareness

Alphabet Knowledge Video
Phonemic Awareness Video
Section 2 Module: Reading Decks
Section 3 Module: Spelling Decks (Dictation)
Section 4 Module: Multisensory Introduction Letter or Concept
Multisensory Introduction Letter

Closed Syllable and Rabbit Rule Videos
Vowel Consonant E (VCE) Video
Open Syllable Video
r-Controlled Syllable Video
c le Syllable Video
Vowel Teams or Digraphs Video
Section 5 Module: Reading Practice for Accuracy and Fluency
Section 6 Module: Spelling 
Section 7 Module: Handwriting
Section 8 Module: Comprehension and Listening Strategies
Section 9 Module: Oral Language Practice (Vocabulary) and Composition
Conclusion and Reflection Module