About TeachLivE™ Lab

The TLE TeachLivE™ Lab provides the participant the opportunity to learn new skills and craft their practice without placing “real” student/parent relationships at risk during the learning process. For example, in the TLE TeachLivE™ Lab pre-service, in-service teachers or administrators walk into a room where everything looks like a standard classroom including props, whiteboards, and of course, students. However, unlike the brick and mortar setting, the lab is a virtual setting and the students in the classroom are avatars. Depending upon the objectives of the session, the virtual students may behave in a way that offers participants an opportunity to practice their classroom management and pedagogical skills. Participants can interact with students and review previous work, present new content to students, provide scaffolding or guided practice in a variety of content areas, and monitor students while they work independently or in small groups. In an environment like this, prospective teachers can learn the instruction and management skills needed to become effective teachers, and practicing teachers can hone and refine their skills. Likewise, with the adult avatar the participant can develop the diplomatic skills needed to adeptly handle the myriad of parent-teacher, specialist coach-teacher or administrator-teacher interactions they will encounter throughout their careers. Through practice in the lab student participants have the chance to build the confidence and knowledge to become our new leaders in education.