Focusing on the Future 2021

A VIRTUAL Career and Academic Planning Experience

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Focusing on the Future (FOF) exposes high-ability learners to career opportunities related to the arts, humanities, mathematics, and sciences. The program also informs parents of considerations and guidelines for effective career and academic planning.

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Student Workshops 

Students have the opportunity to learn about four career areas. Students are exposed to (a) information about work habits and "habits of mind" (e.g., precision and objectivity in math, skepticism and curiosity in science) that lead to successful careers in various fields, (b) an interactive discussion about a variety of career opportunities in a particular field, and (c) steps to take to prepare for specific careers.

Parent and Counselor Workshops

Parents and counselors have the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops, which will assist them in guiding their children and students with academic and career planning.


If you have any questions, please call Katie Latimer at (757) 221-2166. You can also contact us by [[sep,email]].