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School of Education Doctoral Dissertation Research Fund

The Office of Research in the School of Education is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for doctoral students who have successfully passed the dissertation proposal defense. The purpose of these funds is to assist students with expenses related to their dissertation research. 

Applicants are eligible for up to $500 in funding.

Eligibility: All doctoral students (PhD & EdD) in the School of Education at William & Mary who are in good standing and have successfully passed the dissertation proposal defense but have not yet defended the dissertation.

To apply, you will submit the information described below through a Qualtrics survey. Funds will be available on a rolling basis. You are eligible to apply once you have successfully passed the proposal defense and have submitted a signed Dissertation Proposal Approval Form indicating such.

Apply Now

Funds support the following expenses associated with dissertation research:

  • Domestic travel in support of research
  • Equipment, books, survey and other materials, including software
  • Shipping costs
  •  Trainings or professional development fees
  • Conference travel or virtual attendance
  • Transcription costs

Funds cannot be applied to the following expenses:

  • Stipends or wages
  • Payment to human subjects 
Application Materials & How to Apply

Application materials include the following: (a) Proposal Description; (b) Itemized Budget detailing expenses; and (c) confirmation of completed Dissertation Proposal Approval Form.

Application Components
  1. Proposal Description
    The Proposal Description should be a maximum of one page (300 words max) and include the following:
    • What are the big ideas in your dissertation area of study? Identify the key gap(s) that your project is designed to address.
    • State the purpose of your dissertation study to address those gap(s).
    • Describe the research methods, including study participants, study procedures, and materials you will use to conduct your study.
    • Describe any anticipated results and their significance.
  2. Itemized Budget
    • The budget should be complete and itemized with all anticipated costs.
    • Note any additional sources of funding you have for your dissertation work.
  3. Dissertation Proposal Approval

Note: Although proof of IRB is not required for this application, it is required for any work with living human subjects.

IRB Application Processes
Work involving living human subjects (including surveys, interviews, focus groups, or questionnaires)
  • You and your faculty mentor/PI must complete the CITI training modules for: AREA specific human subject modules, Conflict of Interest, and Responsible Conduct of Research. 
  • Graduate students: Submit a proposal through EDIRC.
Next Steps After Funding Approval
  • If you are notified that you have been awarded a grant, award letters must be signed and returned to Dr. Talbott, [[ehtalbott]], by the deadline posted in the letter. 
  • Funds will be deposited directly into your Student Account. It may take up to several weeks before they are transferred; please sign into Banner to check their availability.
    • If your student account is not paid in full by the time the disbursement occurs, any amount owed to the university will be deducted from your check; you may then request a refund of the balance. To do so, you will need to request a Student Account Refund. To expedite the processing of this refund, please sign up for direct deposit through the Bursar's Office.
    • Note that this award may be subject to both federal and Virginia state taxes and/or may affect your tax liability. William & Mary provides a letter regarding general treatment of scholarships and fellowships for tax purposes. Contact your tax adviser for possible implications; School of Education staff do not give tax advice.
    • Non-Resident Aliens: Federal regulation mandates that payments made to a Non-Resident Alien be analyzed for tax compliance and this process can take up to an additional 30 days for the award to be eligible for a refund. Non-Resident Alien students will be contacted via email with a login and password for the TDS system. This email may come from The Payroll Office performs an analysis of the NRA information provided to identify whether or not the NRA qualifies for a tax treaty benefit.

Questions? Contact
Dr. Elizabeth Talbott
Office of Research, School of Education, W&M