Deborah Ellis, M.Ed. '04, M.Ed. '10

Living the value of lifelong learning

Deb EllisThe Christopher Wren Association Scholarship honors a student who exhibits through their personal career choice the value of lifelong learning. The 2009 award recipient was Special Education teacher, M.A. Ed. student at the School of Education, Deborah Ellis.

Deborah earned her B.B.A in Marketing from the University of Texas, a master's in Special Education from the College of William and Mary and in 2010 second Master's degree in the Educational Planning, Policy, and Leadership Program focusing on Administration and Supervision. Each day Deborah demonstrates her testament to life-long learning in the classroom. As a special education teacher, she engages students who are unable or unwilling to learn from typical classroom instruction. Deborah recognizes the importance of life-long learning and continuously takes on graduate level courses to gain knowledge about her students and their needs in order to serve them more effectively.

Deborah pursues her dream of being a school administrator while her daughter begins her own college career. She writes, "I especially appreciate the encouragement and recognition that accompany this award. Receiving this award invigorates me more than any Starbucks or Wawa drink ever could!"