Eric Brinker, M.Ed. '09

Eric is excited to have the opportunity to teach middle school in Franklin Military Leadership Academy.

Eric BrinkerEric Brinker went to high school in Chesterfield County, earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Virginia Tech and a master's degree from William and Mary in the Curriculum and Instruction program with a focus in English in May 2009.

He served his communities by tutoring high school students, working for Literacy Corps at an elementary school in Blacksburg, and serving as an adult coordinator and instructor in Life Teen at his church. He has two categories of hobbies: creation and storytelling. In the first category, he loves to build and fix things. He plays several instruments including guitar and bass guitar, and recently took up the violin; he loves to write and record songs. In the second category, he enjoys storytelling, reading literature, watching/making/editing movies, and playing video games.  He was married in July.

Eric is thankful for the generosity of the Ukrop family for opening the door for him into Richmond Public Schools, where he now teaches English at Franklin Military Leadership Academy. Beginning his first year of teaching in the first year that Franklin has had middle school students, Eric teaches the 6th grade. He says that he is "excited to be where I am needed and where I can grow as a professional. The faculty and staff that I work with are an amazing asset, and I think that the students and I will both have a memorable first year."