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Why should I give to the School of Education?

The School of Education is nationally recognized as a top school that prepares future educators. Our society depends on strong, engaged leaders to enable the next generations to meet demands of the future. Excellence is the direct result of private support. It makes an enormous difference in the experience our students have. Even though William & Mary is a state school, the Commonwealth only partially funds its operations. The remainder must be funded through tuition (which is ideally kept affordable) and private support. It is private support that helps the Dean meet strategic initiatives and priorities. 

How often will I be contacted by the School of Education Annual Fund (Fund for Excellence)?

Typically, four mailings are sent each year to alumni and friends seeking support for the Fund for Excellence. In some cases, a William & Mary student may phone you seeking support.

If I contribute early in the year, will I still receive other mailings?

Usually, you are asked to make just one gift a year.

Can I restrict my gift to an area of special interest?

Although William & Mary prefers unrestricted gifts that can be directed to areas of greatest need, donors may prefer to specify where their gifts are used. You can designate your contribution to any academic area or program within the School of Education.

Can I honor or memorialize someone with a gift?

Yes, you may make a gift, regardless of its size, in memory or honor of someone. The University will send a note to that person at your request informing them of that gift.

How can I set up a scholarship for student financial aid?

Scholarship endowments begin at $100,000 and can be named in honor of a family member, a beloved professor, or other individual or group and be restricted to a special area or program within the School of Education. 

How do I know my contributions will be used as I intended?

William & Mary follows best practices as a 501(C3) non-profit organization. Those guidelines are outlined in the Donor Bill of Rights.

Additional questions? Please contact:

Patty O’Neill
Senior Director of Development
School of Education
301 Monticello Avenue
Williamsburg, Virginia  23185
(757) 221-1032