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Statewide T/TAC

T/TAC Mission

The mission of Virginia's Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T/TAC) is to improve educational opportunities and contribute to the success of children and youth with disabilities (birth - 22 years). The Centers provide quality training and technical assistance in response to local, regional, and state needs. T/TAC services increase the capacity of schools, school personnel, service providers, and families to meet the needs of children and youth.

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Region 1 & 8 T/TAC Virginia Commonwealth University
Region 2 & 3 T/TAC William & Mary and T/TAC Old Dominion University
Region 4 T/TAC at George Mason University
Region 5 T/TAC James Madison University
Region2 6 & 7 T/TAC Radford University and T/TAC Virginia Tech

 State TTAC Map Region 2,3 Region 2,3 Region 4 Region 5 Regions 1,8 Regions 6,7 Region 6,7