THRIVE Research and Intervention Center

The THRIVE Research and Intervention Center is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of optimal human development and the use of strength-based strategies for recovering and overcoming challenging life and social circumstances.

The center’s focus is on facilitating individual and community well-being through education and research related to the factors found to be influential in helping people thrive. These factors include personal transformation, hope, resilience, interculturality, virtue development and education.

Our Goals

We believe that the THRIVE Center can become a research and training center in which evidence-based strategies are identified to help foster human flourishing and resilience. Our goal is that the center will serve as a catalyst and incubator for interdisciplinary action research addressing this need. 

We envision:

  • Developing collaborative partnerships to address the needs of vulnerable populations domestically and internationally
  • Providing an avenue for research dedicated to community restoration
  • Helping evaluate and develop mental health capacity and community well-being in developing communities nationally and internationally
  • Providing research evaluations of curricula designed to foster thriving
  • Advocating for local, national, and international initiatives that improve individual and community well-being.