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Mathematics Games

Games can provide challenging contexts in which learning takes place. The following are some suggestions.

This card game for all ages consists of a deck of cards that contains numbers from 1 to 15. A hand of five cards is dealt with a sixth or "target" card. The challenge is to use all five cards and the four basic operations to get the number on the target card. This game is excellent for developing number sense, mental arithmetic skills, and sharpening computation skills. It can be played as a whole class, small group, or solitaire game.

GEMS Math Around the World
Math Around the World is a unit in the Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) series, which was developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA. While most of the units in this series have science as a primary focus, with mathematics used as needed, Math Around the World uses games played in different parts of the world to integrate math and cultural studies. Eight games and puzzles from four continents are presented, including Mancala, NIM, Kalah, and The Tower of Hanoi.