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Related Links
This website provides standard definitions as well as links to and other reference materials. This site also features other language dictionaries and a Word of the Day. The Language Resources contains a Grammar Usage and Style section that is also helpful for understanding how words are used.

Merriam-Webster OnLine
This website provides both free and premium services involving dictionary and thesaurus searches. This site also features a Word of the Day, Word Games, and Word to the Wise, a brief column that addresses the use of language in everyday life.

Origin of Words and Names
This link is to a specific page within a website that addresses several topics, including Language and Linguistics. This page discusses the origin of words as well as the origin of names and surnames.
This website provides free access to a variety of references, from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauri. Bartleby also includes a search engine for literature, verse, and quotations.