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Ancient China: The Middle Kingdom

Ancient China: The Middle Kingdom - 2nd Edition Online Resources

The concept of systems is the foundation for this unit, which explores ancient China to demonstrate the interdependent systems that develop and sustain a civilization. The unit explores systems of agriculture, language, leadership, and trade in ancient China, using models for reasoning and document analysis to support student understanding. Students in grades 2–3 also have opportunities to broaden their understanding by comparing the ancient Chinese civilization with aspects of their own lives and communities. This unit may be used in conjunction with Ancient Egypt: Gift of the Nile for a broader exploration of ancient civilizations. 2004 Winner of a National Association for Gifted Children Curriculum Division Award for Outstanding Curriculum. To purchase this curriculum unit, please go to Kendall Hunt's website

The chart below provides links to online resources as a companion to the curriculum unit. 

Online Resource
General Reference Materials

World History Encyclopedia

ASIA for Educators part 1, ASIA for Educators part 2

National Geographic

DK Find Out!

Lesson 1

International Versions of Cinderella

A list of International Versions of Cinderella

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe

The Rough-Faced Girl by Rafe Martin

The Golden Sandal by Rebecca Hickox

Abelita by Tomie DePaola

Lesson 1

Additional Versions of Cinderella

Cinder Edna by Ellen Jackson

Seriously, Cinderella is SO Annoying! By Trisha Speed Shaskan

Cindy Ellen by Susan Lowell

Prince Cinders by Babette Cole

Bigfood Cinderrrella by Tony Johnson

Lesson 2

World Maps

Clickable map from

Customizable maps from 

World history maps from

Timeline specific maps from

World city maps from the University of Texas 

Lesson 4

Making Jigsaw Puzzles

Tutorial Video

Jigsaw Puzzle creator

Lesson 5

Terrace Farming

Lonely Planet travel video Video

BBC Article/Images

Permaculture Research Institute article

Tutorial for making models

Lesson 6

Terrain Maps

Map1, Map2, Map3

Lesson 12

City Maps

Chinese City Maps, NYC City Map, D.C. City Map

Lesson 13


Additional poems

Lesson 14

Terracotta Warriors

National Geographic

National Geographic - Kids (Video)

Smithsonian Magazine

Teacher Pack on Terracotta Warriors

Lesson Plan from Cincinnati Art Museum

Lesson 15

Chinese Inventions

Silk Making

Images from PBS

China's Age of Invention from PBS

How the Shang Invented Writing from PBS

Video covering 10 Ancient Chinese Inventions

Lesson 16

Silk Road

Interactive Map1, Interactive Map2

Mapping the Silk Road activity

Video on the Silk Road

Lesson 16

Marco Polo

Extension Activity

Lesson 17

Great Wall of China

How the Great Wall of China was built video

National Geographic resource library

The History Channel - article

Google Resources


Lesson 18

Wonders of the World

Travel Channel

Wonders of the World video

Template for student-made activity

Extension Activity

 Lesson 19

Travel Guides

 China Travel Guide

Travel Guide Activity Instructions