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VDOE Resources: Student Engagement

  • Student Engagement and High Yield Strategies is presented by the VDOE’s Office of School Improvement uses research on student engagement from Robert Marzano and John Hattie to show how lessons can be designed to increase student learning.  The presentation highlights VA Standard of Learning examples of engaging lessons.
  • John Hattie's High Impact Student Engagement Strategies presented by SURN is presented by Dr. Jan Rozzelle, former Executive Director of the Superintendents’ University Research Network (SURN).  This presentation outlines Hattie’s high impact student engagement strategies.Favorite Resource

VDOE Resources: Opportunities to respond

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  • Card-O-Matic: Increasing Student Participation shows how a teacher uses index cards to increase student listening and participation in any content or grade level. Video length is one minute.
  • Time-on-Task: Increase Focus and Productivity shows how to enhance student and teacher productivity by consistently timing tasks. This example will work across content and grade levels. Video length is one minute.
  • Engaging Students in Work that Matters is part of the DEEPER Learning Series showing how teachers can design engaging lessons for authentic student work which results in deeper student learning.  The video example is of secondary classrooms, but can be modified for elementary school lessons. Video length is 14 minutes.Favorite Resource
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  • Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning
  • Hot Tips for Teachers: 30 Steps to Student Engagement

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