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James Barber

Barber, James
Associate Professor
Office: 3090
Phone: (757) 221-6208
Email: [[jpbarber]]
Areas of Expertise: College Student Development, Integrative Learning, College Student Learning Environments, Globalization in Higher Education, Liberal Arts Education


Barko-Alva, Katherine
Clinical Assistant Professor of TESOL/ ESL Program Director
Specialization(s): ESL/ Bilingual Education
Office: 3071
Phone: (757) 221-6073
Email: [[kbarkoalva]]

Stephanie Blackmon

Blackmon, Stephanie J.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3080
Phone: (757) 221-2419
Email: [[sjblackmon]]
Areas of Expertise: Technology Integration in Higher Education

Standard File

Blouet, Brian
Specialization(s): Secondary Education :: Curriculum Leadership
Office: 3063
Phone: (757) 221 - 2350
Email: [[bwblou]]

Bracken, Dr. Bruce A.
Specialization: Educational Foundations
Office: 3086
Phone: (757) 221 - 1712
Email: [[babrac]]

Johnston Brendel

Brendel, Johnston
Specialization(s): Counselor Education :: School Counseling
Office: 2107L
Phone: (757) 221 - 2328
Email: [[JMBren]]

Charity Hudley, Anne H.
Class of 1952 Associate Professor
Office: 3050
Phone: (757) 221-6086
Email: [[ahchar]]
Areas of Expertise: Language and Education, Sociolinguistics, Community Studies

Chen, Jason
Assistant Professor
Office: 3058
Phone: (757)221-6201
Email: [[jachen]]
Areas of Expertise: Academic Motivation, Academic Engagement, Science Education, Nature of Science, Immersive Virtual Environments, Educational Technology, STEM Education

Eddie Cole

Cole, Eddie R.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3088
Phone: (757) 221-2346
Email: [[ercole]]
Areas of Expertise: History of Higher Education, Civil Rights and Higher Education, Student Unrest, Faculty Teaching Practices

Kristen Conradi

Conradi, Kristin
Specializations: : Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy Leadership
Office: 3070
Phone: (757) 221-6212
Email: [[keconradi]]

Peggie Constantino

Constantino, Peggie
Specialization(s): K-12 General Administration
Office: 3111
Phone: (757) 221 - 2323
Email: [[meconstantino]]


Cross, Dr. Tracy L.
Specialization(s): Gifted Education
Office: 3129
Phone: (757) 221 - 2362
Email: [[TLCross]]

Michael DiPaola

DiPaola, Michael F.
Chancellor Professor and Chair, Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership
Office: 3106
Phone: (757) 221-2344
Email: [[mfdipa]]
Areas of Expertise: Supervision of Instruction, Leadership in Educational Organizations, Social Processes in School Organizations, School and District Climate and Culture

Jamel Donnor

Donnor, Jamel K.
William and Martha Clairborne Stephens Distinguished Associate Professor
Office: 3064
Phone: (757) 221-6202
Email: [[jkdonnor]]
Areas of Expertise: Critical Race Theory, School Desegregation, Civil Rights and Education, Qualitative Research Methodology, Education Policy

Pam Eddy

Eddy, Pamela
Office: 3082
Phone: (757) 221 - 2349
Email: [[pamela.eddy]]
Areas of Expertise: Community College Leadership, Faculty Development, Strategic Partnerships, Approaches to Gender in Higher Education

Tom Farmer

Farmer, Thomas W.
Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Office: 2121
Phone: (757) 221-1810
Email: [[twfarmer]]
Areas of Expertise: Bullying and Peer Victimization, School Social Networks, Middle School, Professional Development, Rural Education

Victoria Foster

Foster, Victoria
Specialization(s): Counselor Education :: Marriage & Family Counseling
Office: 3055
Phone: (757) 221 - 2321
Email: [[vafost]]

Christopher Gareis

Gareis, Christopher
Office: 3125
Phone: (757) 221 - 2319
Email: [[crgare]]
Areas of Expertise: Curriculum Development, Instructional Leadership, Classroom Assessment, Performance-Based Assessment, Program Evaluation, Teacher Mentoring

Leslie Grant

Grant, Leslie W.
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Office: 1104
Phone: (757) 221-2411
Email: [[lwgran]]
Areas of Expertise: Curriculum Development and Evaluation; Classroom-Based Assessment; Program Evaluation; Educational Planning

Rick Gressard

Gressard, Charles
Chancellor Professor and Chair, School Psychology and Counselor Education
Office: 3127
Phone: (757) 221-2352
Email: [[cfgres]]
Areas of Expertise: Addiction Counseling, Transpersonal Counseling, Counselor Ethics, Counselor Education, Counselor Education Accreditation, Counselor Licensure and Certification

Gail Hardinge

Hardinge, Gail
Specialization(s): School Psychology :: Program Management
Office: 3066
Phone: (757) 221 - 2361
Email: [[gbhard]]

Judith Harris

Harris, Judith
Specialization(s): Curriculum & Educational Technology
Office: 3112
Phone: (757) 221 - 2334
Email: [[Judi.Harris]]

Natoya Haskins

Haskins, Natoya
Assistant Professor
Specialization(s): School Counseling
Office: 3092
Phone: 757-221-2345
Email: [[nhhaskins]]

Hofer, Mark
Professor and Co-Director, Center for Innovation in Learning Design
Office: 3018
Phone: (757) 221-1713
Email: [[mjhofe]]
Areas of Expertise: Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Innovation, Project-Based Learning, Teacher Education

Heartly Huber

Huber, Heartley
Assistant Professor
Specialization(s): Special Education
Office: 3075
Phone: 757-221-2150
Email: [[hbhuber]]


Johnson, Denise
Specialization(s): Elementary Education: Reading, Literacy Leadership
Office: 1108
Phone: (757) 221 - 1528
Email: [[denise.johnson]]


Johnson, Lindy L.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3109
Phone: (757) 221 - 2333
Email: [[lljohnson]]
Areas of Expertise: English Education, New and Digital Literacies, Teacher Education, Discourse Analysis

Meredith Kier

Kier, Meredith
Assistant Professor
Office: 3119
Phone: (757) 221-2332
Email: [[mwkier]]
Areas of Expertise: Professional Development Design, Engineering in K-12 Science Curricula


Kim, KH
Specialization: Educational Foundations
Office: 3122
Phone: (757) 221 - 1328
Email: [[]]

Lori Korinek

Korinek, Lori
Office: 3049
Phone: (757) 221-2335
Email: [[lakori]]
Areas of Expertise: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, Instructional and Learning Strategies for Struggling Learners, Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Inclusive Classrooms, Co-Teaching, Collaboration for Teaching and Learning

Marguerite Mason

Mason, Marguerite
Specialization(s): Secondary Education: Mathematics
Office: 3115
Phone: (757) 221 - 2327
Email: [[mmmaso]]

Rip McAdams

McAdams III, Charles R.
Office: 3065
Phone: (757) 221-2338
Email: [[crmcad]]
Areas of Expertise: Mental Health Counseling, Couples & Family Counseling, Aggression and Violence Prevention/Intervention, Gatekeeping in Counselor Education

Gail McEachron

McEachron, Gail
Specialization(s): Elementary Education
Office: 3067
Phone: (757) 221 - 2341
Email: [[gamcea]]

Ryan McGill

McGill, Ryan
Assistant Professor
Office: 3120
Phone: 757-221-6072
Email: [[rmcgill]]
Areas of Expertise: Psychological Assessment, Psychometrics and Measurement Theory, Judgment and Decision-Making in School Psychology, Assessment and Identification of Specific Learning Disability, Quantitative Psychology

Virginia "Ginnie" McLaughlin

McLaughlin, Virginia
Specialization(s): Special Education: K-12 Special Education
Office: 3053
Phone: (757) 221 - 2337
Email: [[vamcla]]

Patrick Mullen

Mullen, Patrick R.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3076
Phone: 757-221-6071
Email: [[prmullen]]
Areas of Expertise: School Counseling, Counselor Education and Supervision, Counseling Children and Adolescents, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling, Professional Impairment Among Counselors, Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling

Spencer Niles

Niles, Spencer
Specialization: Career Counseling, Vocational Psychology
Office: 1112C
Phone: (757) 221-2315
Email: [[sgniles]]

Popp, Pat
Specialization(s): Elementary Education
Office: 2129A
Phone: (757) 221 7776
Email: [[pxpopp]]

Deborah Ramer

Ramer, Deborah
Clinical Faculty and Coordinator, Elementary Education Program
Office: 3052
Phone: (757) 221-2329
Email: [[dlrame]]
Areas of Expertise: Special Education, Reading Instruction, Differentiation, Classroom Organization & Behavior Management, Traumatic Brain Injury

Gene Roche

Roche, Eugene
Executive Professor
Office: 3104
Phone: (757) 221 - 1879
Email: [[earoch]]
Areas of Expertise: Lifework Design, Educational Technology, Action Research, Adult Learning, Self-Directed Learning, Innovation and Personal Productivity, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Design Thinking, Project Management

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Jacqueline
Assistant Professor
Office: 3064
Phone: (757) 221 - 2325
Email: [[jarodriguez]]
Areas of Expertise: Inclusive Education, Culturally Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, Learning Disabilities, Simulation in Teacher Preparation, Domestic Education Policy, Global Policy and Practice in Special Needs Education

Jeremy Stoddard

Stoddard, Jeremy
Associate Professor and Chair, Curriculum and Instruction
Office: 3056
Phone: (757) 221-2348
Email: [[jdstod]]
Areas of Expertise: Democratic (History, Social Studies) Education, Educational Media, Curriculum Studies, Learning Sciences, Teaching Controversial Issues, Teaching with Discussion and Deliberation, Professional Development and Evaluation

James Stronge

Stronge, James H.
Heritage Professor
Office: 3120
Phone: (757) 221-2339
Email: [[jhstro]]
Areas of Expertise: Education Personnel Administration, Evaluation of Teachers and Educational Specialists, Teacher Quality


Tieso, Dr. Carol
Specialization: Gifted Education
Office: 3057
Phone: (757) 221 - 2461
Email: [[clties]]

Megan Tschannen-Moran

Tschannen-Moran, Megan
Specialization(s): K-12 General Administration
Office: 3116
Phone: (757) 221 - 2187
Email: [[mxtsch]]


Ward, Sandra
Specialization(s): School Psychology
Office: 3057
Phone: (757) 221 - 2326
Email: [[scbrub]]

Thomas Ward

Ward, Thomas
Specialization(s): Educational Foundations :: Research Methods
Office: 3068
Phone: (757) 221 - 2358
Email: [[tom.ward]]