Summer Institute

The purposes of Summer Institute are to:

  • highlight Center for Gifted Education materials,
  • disseminate research-based best practices, and
  • provide professional development to promote leadership and exemplary practices in gifted education.
Target Audience

Summer Institute is designed for gifted program coordinators, other district and building-level administrators, teachers of the gifted, and all teachers who want to enhance their ability to differentiate appropriately for their gifted and advanced learners.

  • $325 Early Bird 
  • $350 General Registration 
  • $400 On-Site Registration
  • $100 Current William & Mary Student
Summer Institute Titles and Presenters

Inclusive Grouping and Collaboration Methods: Implementation, Practice, and Evaluation
Dina Brulles, Ph.D.

Grit: How We Can Cultivate Passion and Perseverance in our Students to Lead Them to Success
Laila Y. Sanguras, Ph.D.

Beyond the Main Idea: Using Constructivist Approaches to Engage Gifted Students With Challenging Texts
Magdalena Fitzsimmons

What Are Primary Resources and Why Use Them With Gifted Students?
Jennifer L. Jolly, Ph.D.

What About Engineering? An Integrated STEM Approach to Addressing Multiple Content Standards
Debbie Dailey, Ed.D.

Center for Gifted Education English Language Arts Curriculum
Mary Ann Yedinak

Registration for 2018 Sessions Will Be Open in the Middle of March!