Professional Summer Institute

Thanks to all that participated in this year's Summer Institute! Save the date for 2017 - June 26-27!

The purposes of Summer Institute are to:
  • highlight Center for Gifted Education materials,
  • disseminate research-based best practices, and
  • provide professional development to promote leadership and exemplary practices in gifted education.
Target Audience

Summer Institute is designed for gifted program coordinators, other district and building-level administrators, teachers of the gifted, and all teachers who want to enhance their ability to differentiate appropriately for their gifted and advanced learners.

2016 Sessions
  • Center for Gifted Education Language Arts Curriculum
  • Challenging Secondary Gifted Students: Developing a Sense of Self Through English Language Arts
  • Designing Challenging Math Activities
  • Developing Assessments for Highly Able Students Using Standards
  • Increasing Opportunities for Innovation and Creativity: Engaging Advanced Learners in STEM
  • Navigating the Information Highway: Strategies for Teaching Informational Text in the Content Areas for Gifted Students
  • Personalizing Curriculum for Gifted Students With Blended Learning