Undergraduate Secondary Education Program

Application Deadline for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 is the first day of classes of the Fall 2019 semester.  

Undergraduate students who wish to teach at the secondary level (certification is grades 6-12) are required to complete a concentration in the subject area or areas they expect to teach, and they are additionally required to complete 27 semester hours of professional education courses in one of the following endorsement areas:

Students interested in the Foreign Language Education program should contact Dr. Jason Chen at [[jachen]].

Students seeking licensure in Virginia must complete training in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting. For students who take and pass EDUC 310, this requirement is met. If a student is exempted from EDUC 310 for any reason, then he or she must contact the Office of Teacher Education & Professional Services in order to complete a training module in these competencies.

Additional policies and procedures that govern students in the teacher preparation programs during their field experiences are included in the Handbook for Practica and Student Teaching Experiences, which is available in the Office of Professional Services.

Subject Area Requirements for Specific Secondary School Teaching Endorsements

Contact: [[lljohnson, Dr. Lindy Johnson]] - (757) 221-2333

William and Mary English majors should select the Literature Option within the English major in order to meet the course requirements for teaching English. In addition to the major in English Language and Literature, (a minimum of 36 semester hours) 27 of these hours must be above the 300 level and distributed as follows:

  • 6 hours in British literature:representing a broad spectrum of British literary history (choose from ENGL 311,315,322,323,324,325,331,332,333,341,342,343,420,421,422,426)
  • 6 hours in American literature representing a broad spectrum of American literary history (choose from ENGL 352,355,356,357,358,359,360,361,362,363,364,365,366, 411,416A, 417B).
  • 3 hours in Shakespeare, chosen from English 421 and 422.
  • 3 hours in an upper level creative writing or advanced writing course (choose from  WRIT 367, CRCW 368, 369, 372).
  • 6 hours in linguistics -required  a course focused on an introduction to linguistics; one course focused on language, culture or the the history of the English language)

    (LING 220; choose from LING 250,303,308,410 )

  • A course focusing on world literature, multicultural education or constructions of race and/or ethnicity (choose from ENGL 365, 366,414A,417A,417B or appropriate author courses and topics courses offered as ENGL 371,380,412,414,416,417,419,465)


Contact: [[mmmaso,Dr. Margie Mason]] -  (757) 221-2327

Those students preparing to teach mathematics must fulfill the major requirements in the mathematics department. Within the 38 semester hours required for the major, students will take the following courses:

  • Calculus I (111) or Calculus I for Life Sciences (131)
  • Calculus II (112) or Calculus II for Life Sciences (132)
  • Linear Algebra (211)
  • Introduction to Multivariable Calculus (212) or Multivariable Calculus for Science and Mathematics
  • Foundations of Mathematics (214)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations (302)
  • Abstract Algebra (307)
  • Operations Research - Deterministic Models (323)
  • Applied Statistics (351)
  • Introduction to Number Theory (412)
  • Topics in Geometry (416)
  • Seminar (490)
  • Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI 141)

In addition to the math courses the following Computer Science course is required:

  • Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI 141)

Contact: [[mwkier,Dr. Meredith Kier]] - (757) 221-2332

Students at the College of William and Mary may satisfy State of Virginia certification regulations to teach (l) Biology, (2) Chemistry, (3) Earth and Space Science (Geology), or (4) Physics, by completing the following. Students completing the requirements for one endorsement may be endorsed in a second of these areas of science by completing a minimum of 18 semester hours in the second endorsement area provided the course work specified below for that particular endorsement is included.

  • Biology
    • A major in Biology (a minimum of 37 hours as defined by the Biology Department). In meeting the major requirements, students must minimally include instruction in botany, zoology, ecology, physiology, evolution, genetics, cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry and human biology.
    • One inorganic chemistry course with lab (4); one organic chemistry course with lab (4); and a course in physics (4).
    • At least one calculus course.
  • Chemistry
    • A major in Chemistry (a minimum of 38 semester hours as defined by the Chemistry Department, but must include Chemistry 307). In meeting major requirements students must minimally include instruction in inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry and biochemistry.
    • A minimum of 16 hours in non-chemistry sciences, including at least one biology and one physics course.
    • At least one course in calculus.
  • Earth Science
    • A major in Geology or Environmental Science (a minimum of 36 semester hours as defined by the Geology Department). A student must minimally include instruction in astronomy (e.g., Physics176), meteorology, oceanography (e.g., Geology 306) and natural resources.
    • A minimum of 16 hours in non-geology sciences including at least one biology, one chemistry and one physics course.
    • At least one course in calculus.
  • Physics
    • A major in Physics (a minimum of 32 semester hours as defined by the Physics Department). In fulfilling the physics major requirements, students must include the study of classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, heat and thermodynamics, waves, optics, atomic and nuclear physics, radioactivity, relativity, and quantum mechanics.
    • A minimum of 16 hours in non-physics sciences, including at least a course in biology and a course in chemistry.
    • At least one course in calculus and introductory differential equations.
Social Studies

Contact: [[jdstod,Dr. Jeremy Stoddard]] - (757) 221-2348

Students who wish to teach Social Studies (History, Political Science /Government and other subjects in the field of secondary social studies) must have a major in History or Government and complete the Subject Area Specific Requirements listed below:

History majors - must also take 12 hours in Government. Coursework must include at least 3 hours in American Government - GOVT 201 is recommended. Government majrs - must also take 18 hours in History. Coursework must include at least 6 hours in American or US History - HIST 121 & 122 are recommended.

  • 3 hours in Economics (micro or macro)
  • 3 hours in Human Geography
  • 3 hours in non-Western History/Culture
  • 3 hours in Sociology
  • 3 hours in Anthropology