William and Mary School of Education

Project HOPE - Virginia

Education for Homeless Children and Youth


Project HOPE - Virginia, the Virginia Education Program for Homeless Children and Youth, is a federally-funded grant authorized by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act. Project HOPE - Virginia ensures the enrollment, attendance, and the success of homeless children and youth in school through public awareness efforts across the commonwealth and subgrants to local school divisions. Local Education Agencies (LEA) develop customized programs to meet the needs of homeless children and youth in their area. Project HOPE - Virginia funds activities throughout the school year, including early childhood education, mentoring, tutoring, parent education, summer enrichment programs, and domestic violence prevention programs. In addition, emergency services, referrals for health services, transportation, school supplies, and costs related to obtaining school records may be provided through the local Homeless Education Program.


Project HOPE - Virginia collaborates with other federally-funded programs within Virginia, such as Title I, Even Start, and Head Start. In addition, Project HOPE - Virginia currently works with the Virginia Coalition for the Homeless, the National Coalition for the Homeless, Virginia Interagency Action Council for the Homeless, various professional educational organizations, social agencies, shelters, colleges, universities, and other homeless programs throughout the United States. Local programs collaborate across school divisions and among an array of social agencies. Virginia's Homeless Education Program hopes to continue and increase collaborative efforts while striving to raise public awareness regarding the issue of homeless children, youth and families.