Kelsey Seward (School Psychology)

EdS student in the School Psychology Program

I am a second year student in the School Psychology M.Ed./Ed.S. program.  I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at James Madison University.  I realized I wanted to work with Kelsey Sewardchildren and adolescents after several volunteer experiences in undergrad and when I found out about School Psychology it sounded like a perfect fit! 

So far, I have loved my experience at William and Mary!  Everyone is very friendly and people in my cohort are always planning social and class-related outings.  I also like that the classes have incorporated experiential activities that allow you to get involved in the school systems immediately.  Also, coming from a mid-sized school to a small school is different, but I really like that the professors actually get the chance to know each individual student.    When making my decision about where to attend grad school, I talked to a practicing School Psychologist who said “William and Mary is an exceptional school all around.”