Julia Marsh (Curriculum & Educational Technology)

PhD student in Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership - Curriculum & Ed Tech

Julia MarshI am from Richmond, and I currently teach 8th grade English in Henrico County.  My journey to the classroom was a bit bumpy and odd.  I originally planned to teach literature in college and earned my Master of Arts in Literature.  I decided I needed more classroom experience, so I took an instructional assistant job at a local middle school.  I fell in love with teaching middle school, and I decided to earn my teaching license at the University of Richmond.  Once there, I continued to take classes and finished my Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.  I love teaching, and I especially love educational technology.  The love for educational technology led me to William & Mary where I will start my Ph.D. this fall.  I plan to explore the ideas of teaching creativity and teaching creatively in the classroom.