Charles Dumont (Special Education)

Master's student in Special Education program

Charles DumontMy name is Charles Dumont and I am enrolled in the W&M School of Education Graduate Program seeking my master’s degree in Curriculum &Instruction with a concentration in Special Education.  I’m a retired military officer and my wife and I have twin daughters.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with several recent W&M School of Education graduates over the past few years and was so impressed by them and how well they were prepared.  The common thread among them was W&M’s School of Education.  Knowing I wanted to work with students who struggle to read, pointed me in one direction…W&M’s SoE.  I hope to learn ways to help not only students who find learning difficult, but especially those who find reading such a challenge.  Reading is more than an important life skill, it’s a first-class ticket on a flight to learning, personal fulfillment, and freedom.