Carla Costello (Higher Education)

EdD student in EPPL - Higher Education

Carla CostelloCarla Costello, a Hampton native, is a current student in the EdD EPPL Higher Education Administration program.  She received her BS in Psychology from Virginia Tech and her MS in Education from Radford University.  She currently works for William & Mary in the Office of the President where she handles a variety of administrative issues including constituent concerns.  She is a member of KDP, where she has served as the Treasurer for the past two years and is also a member of the Honor Council.  Her research interests include college students with disabilities, self-efficacy and women in higher education.  She has given invited talks on women in higher education, presented at ASHE and has a pending publication for the Journal About Women in Higher Education as well as a co-publication with doc student Sharon Stone in the current issue of the Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability.   

 I am very fortunate to be in the higher education program at William & Mary.  The faculty are top-notch, fun and engaging.  I have learned so much from all of them.  Being in the program has helped me come out of my shell, and has given me the courage to present at conferences and invited talks.  I never thought I would do that!  Last spring I was fortunate enough to work as an intern in Dean McLaughlin’s office.  Working with her and her staff in the School of Education is invaluable.  I never really had my heart set on a specific career, but now I know I want to continue to work in higher education and I believe getting my doctorate from William & Mary will open may doors.