Azmeh Amer (School Counseling)

Master's student in School Counseling

Azmeh AmerAs a student who always wanted to go into business, the process of applying for a degree in education is a little surreal. I have to explain myself numerous times to relatives in Pakistan who wonder why I'm getting a degree for something  that does not exist at home, in a field where the majority of educators have no formal training, and don't always have qualifications beyond high-school.

Well to me, the answer is quite simple. I've been lucky enough to be exposed to the education system in the United States during my four years of college and I'm amazed at the kind of thought, care and support that goes in to nurturing a child.   I knew that we were missing out. And, it also explained why the youth in our country are suffering. I really hope that in my years at William and Mary I am able to research the most effective ways of introducing and sustaining school counseling in elementary education and that I am able to leave with the skills that will make my dream of helping children in my country a reality.