Charles R.  McAdams III

Professor and Chair, School Psychology and Counselor Education

Office: 3065
Phone: (757) 221-2338
Email: [[crmcad]]
Areas of Expertise: Mental Health Counseling, Couples & Family Counseling, Aggression and Violence Prevention/Intervention, Gatekeeping in Counselor Education


Charles (Rip) McAdams holds the position of professor of counselor education at William & Mary, where he is program coordinator for the master's degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and co-director of the New Horizons Family Counseling Center. Rip received his Doctorate in Education from North Carolina State University in 1988 and joined the William & Mary faculty in 1996. Prior to that, he was engaged in professional counseling practice for 16 years with a primary emphasis on developing and implementing community-based clinical intervention programs for physically aggressive youth and their families.

While at William & Mary, Rip's ongoing clinical practice and research have focused on improving methods to prepare and support counselors for work with aggressive and other demanding client populations. He is licensed in Virginia as a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, served two four-year terms on the Virginia Board of Counseling, and is a current board member of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.


Ed.D. in Counselor Education, North Carolina State University, 1988

Activities and Honors

Honor Graduate, U.S. Navy Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training Class 63 (1971)
Alumni Fellowship Award, William & Mary (2007)
Outstanding Article of the Year Award, Journal of Counselor Education and Supervision (2008, 2009)
Plumeri Award for Faculty Excellence, William & Mary (2010)
Training and Mentorship Award, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (2017)

Selected Publications

McAdams, C. R., Avadhanam, R., Foster, V. A., Harris, P. N., Javaheri, A., Kim, S., Kooyman, B., Joe, J. R., Sheffield, R., Williams, A. E. (2016). The Viability of Structural Family Therapy in the Twenty-First Century: An Analysis of Key Indicators. Contemporary Family Therapy, Springer Publishing.

McAdams, C. R., Chae, K. B., Foster, V. A., Lloyd-Hazlett, J., Joe, J. R., Riechel, M. K. (2015). Why They Come Back: Perceptions of the First Family Counseling Session. To appear in The Journal of Family Psychotherapy.

McAdams, C. R., Robertson, D., Foster, V. A. (2013). Compatibility of Doctoral (Viva) Examinations With 21st Century Counselor Education. To appear in Counselor Education and Supervision.

McAdams, C. R., Dewell, J., Holman, A. (2011). Helping children cope with the "chronic sorrow" of parental rejection: Considerations for professional counselors. Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education, and Development.

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