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Professional Learning

Online professional development for K-12 teachers

Summer 2019 Programming

We are delighted to offer several exciting opportunities for professional learning during the summer. Including online professional learning courses, a workshop with Jennifer Serravallo, webinars, and focused Twitter chats, W&M Teachers will offer multiple ways to engage with K-12 educators in our evolving community of practice.

Understanding Texts & Readers, with Jennifer Serravallo
Understanding Texts & Readers is a workshop designed to help comprehension make sense. Jen will walk you through how to use text levels as a teacher's tool to know what to expect of readers' written and oral responses level-by-level and goal-by-goal. You'll explore how this knowledge applies to your students, and you'll experience a variety of methods of teaching that you can use to put strategies in action in the classroom to support your readers as they work toward comprehension goals. Learn more.

Online Teacher Professional Development Courses
(May 28th - June 28th and July 1st - August 2nd)

This summer, we will offer five online professional learning opportunities for teachers. Our online courses are designed and facilitated by William & Mary staff and affiliated faculty and K-12 leaders. Courses are asynchronous, and can therefore be completed with some flexibility for working educators. Teachers who complete an online professional development course will receive a certificate indicating they have completed 30 hours of professional learning at William & Mary. The fee for each course is $150. Learn more.

For the Joy of Learning: Cultivating Engagement in Your Students (May 28th - June 28th)
For the Joy of Learning provides teachers with research-based strategies for cultivating student engagement in a K-12 classroom. This course provides an introduction to the research behind student engagement and provides teachers with tips and strategies they can begin employing in their classrooms immediately. Learn more.

Mentoring and Coaching Teachers I (May 28th - June 28th and July 1st - August 2nd)
In this course, we will introduce educators to Adult Learning Theory, and will differentiate between teacher mentoring and teacher coaching. This course serves as an introductory course on teacher mentorship and coaching and is intended for current or future teacher leaders. Learn more about 5/28-6/28 or 7/1-8/2.

Mentoring and Coaching Teachers II (July 1st - August 2nd)
In this course, we will introduce teacher leaders to tools for helping them determine when to mentor and when to coach. Course topics include knowing when to release responsibility and build agency, knowing when to lead and guide, and navigating difficult mentoring situations. Learn more.

Breaking Tradition: An Innovative Approach Creating Future-Ready Learners (July 1st - August 2nd) Explore technologies and strategies for supporting the 5 C’s (critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication and citizenship) in your instruction. Learn more.