Transition Time T/TAC Library Materials That Facilitate Transition Assessment

by Dale Pennell, C.A.S.

Information gathered through vocational assessment provides the foundation for developing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that facilitates effective transition from school to work. T/TAC William and Mary's Library offers a variety of reference books and tools that assess secondary students' vocational needs, interests, and aptitudes. The instruments have been placed in the T/TAC Library so that educators may preview them before making purchase recommendations for their schools. Available materials include the titles listed below.

Reference Books That Include Assessment Tools
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Assess for Success:  Handbook of Transition Assessment

Sitlington, P. L., Neubert, D. A., Begun, W., Lombard, R. C., & Leconte, P. L., 1996

TR 20

Assessment for Transition Planning

Clark, G., 1998

TR 58

Career-Technical Assessment Program

WestEd Assessment and Standards Development Services, 1998

TR 135.A

TR 135.B

TR 135.C

Transition Assessment:  Wise Practices for Quality Lives

Sax, C. L., & Thomas, C. A., 2002

TR 111

Assessment Tools
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Ashland Interest Assessment

Jackson, D., & Marshall, C., 1997

TR 127

Brigance Diagnostic Life Skills Inventory

Brigance, A., 1994

TR 105

Checklist for Adaptive Living Skills (CALS)

Morreau, L., & Brunninks, R., 1991


Informal Assessments for Transition Planning

Clark, G. M., Patton, J. R., & Moulton, L. R., 2000

TR 120

Life-Centered Career Education Assessment

     Performance Battery

     Knowledge Battery


Brolin, D. E., 1992




NEXT S.T.E.P.: Student Transition and Educational Planning

Halpern, A., Herr, C., Wolf, N., Doren, B., Johnson, M., & Lawson, J., 1997

TR 52

The ARC's Self-Determination Scale

Wehmeryer, M., & Kelchner, K., 1995

TR 39

Transition Behavior Scale Second Edition:

     School Version

     Self-Report Version


Hawthorne Educational Services, 1989


TR 115.B

TR 115.C

Request these materials via the T/TAC William and Mary website,, or call 1-800-323-4489. Materials are mailed at no charge for a three-week loan period and include postage-paid return mailers.

Date: Nov./Dec. 2002