SOL Enhanded PLUS - Lesson Differentiation at Your Fingertips!

by Judy Stockton, M.A., and Clare Talbert, M.Ed., VDOE T/TAC @ GMU

Looking for sample content lesson plans that are aligned with the essential knowledge and skills in the Curriculum Framework? Interested in ways to differentiate instruction for all students, grades K through 12? Check out the SOL Enhanced Scope and Sequence PLUS, an invaluable resource available on the T/TAC Online website (

What is it?

SOL Enhanced PLUS is a searchable database of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Enhanced Scope and Sequence PLUS lesson plans. The lessons are the result of a collaborative effort between general and special educators, along with Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) staff. This resource has been created to provide Virginia teachers with a tool to deliver SOL-based instruction to a diverse population of learners. Currently, curricular and instructional information is available for mathematics, English, history/social studies, and science. Grades 7 and 8 science lessons and earth science lessons will be available later this school year.

The lesson plans and activities are not only aligned with the SOL, they feature strategies to facilitate differentiated instruction in the following areas:

  • Technology use

  • Multisensory options

  • Community connections

  • Small-group learning

  • Vocabulary strategies

  • Student organization of content

How do I find SOL PLUS lessons?
  1. Go to T/TAC Online: and click on your region on the Virginia map

  2. Click on SOL Enhanced (at the top)

  3. Click on Search SOL+ Lessons (left margin)

  4. At Option 1- choose a subject area and choose a grade/course - click Go

  5. Click on any SOL standard and click Submit (at bottom of page)

  6. Choose from the lessons listed for the standard

  7. Click on Word or PDF format to download the lesson

You will have a complete lesson plan that includes:

  • An objective

  • Prerequisite understanding/knowledge/skills

  • Materials needed

  • Procedures to follow

  • Specific options for differentiation

Please see the insert for a sample of a sixth-grade differentiated math lesson plan, Triangle Sort, addressing SOL 6.14.

Date: September/October 2007