Checklist for Present Level of Performance Descriptions

Use this checklist to evaluate your Present Level of Educational Performance descriptions. When you can answer "Yes" to each characteristic, you will have a complete and positive description of your student.


1. Are the descriptions written in a positive manner, stressing what the student can do? 



2. Are only the areas impacted by the student's disability included? (It is no necessary to address all areas, only those of concern.) 



3. Is the information presented in a narrative style? 



4. Is the information specific, complete, and accurate? 



5. Is the information current (within one year)? 



6. Is the language clear and understandable to non-educators? 



7. Is a variety of instruments used to collect data? Were the results of standardized tests and authentic measures, such as interviews, observations, and portfolios, included? 



8. Are the names of the instruments and dates used to college and document the information included? 



9. Are the scores and ratings explained?



10. Is there evidence of input from parent(s)? 



11. Is there evidence of input from the students (where applicable)? 



12. Is there evidence of input from general educators? 



13. Does each performance area described begin with the student's strengths and conclude with need(s)? 



14. Does each description include how the student learns in the performance area? 



15. Does the description help you picture the student? 



Date: November/December 2000