Annual Goals Checklist

Use this checklist to analyze the content of the annual goals you draft on your IEPs.



Are the goals meaningful?



  • Are the goals practical and relevant to the student's academic, social, and vocational needs?


  • Do the goals reflect the student's and family's vision for the student's life?


  • Are the goals prioritized when the student's age and remaining school years are considered?


  • Do the goals reflect appropriate growth?


  • Can the goals be accomplished within one year?


  • Can the goals be justified on the basis of the information contained in the present level of educational performance statements?


  • Is there at least one goal for each area of need, as stated in the present level of performance?


  • If needed, are literacy skills, learning strategies, social skills, and transition areas addressed?


  • Are only the additional and unique skills that the student lacks included, rather than entire general education curriculum?


  • If behavior is a problem, are there goals for addressing inappropriate behavior?


  • Is the language jargon-free and understandable to all IEP team members and others interacting with the student?
  • Are the goals measurable?



    1. Does each goal include the student's name, a verb, and a skill area?



    2. Do the goals address increasing an appropriate skill rather than decreasing an inappropriate behavior?



    3. Are the skills observable?



    4. Does each goal contain information about the student's present performance and expected target performance?



    5. Do the goals contain quantity words?

    Adapted from Developing Effective IEPs, Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center, Logan, Utah

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    Date: February/March 2001