Collaborative Planning Questionnaire

For each question, answer one of the following:
  • We already do this. Good for us!
  • We need to do this.
  • I/We need information on this to incorporate it into our practice.
  1. We plan regularly for at least one hour per week.
  2. We plan our teaching roles prior to classroom instruction.
  3. We continually evaluate our collaborative teaching arrangements and our roles.
  4. We generate strategies to meet individual needs.
  5. We teach students cognitive or learning strategies.
  6. We adapt curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet individual needs.
  7. We teach students social/communication skills
  8. We plan to use a variety of instructional roles like speak and chart, parallel teaching, station teaching, and skill groups.
  9. We change instructional roles during the week.
  10. We use alternate assessments (e.g., portfolio, oral reports, journal writing projects, demonstrations) for our students.
  11. We provide a variety of materials for our students.
  12. We allow time to evaluate instruction on a daily as well as a weekly basis.
  13. We feel comfortable taking risks and trying new techniques.
  14. We planned a content outline for the year.
  15. We come mentally prepared to our weekly planning meetings.
Adapted from:

DeBoer, A., & Fister, S. (1995). Working together: Tools for collaborative teaching. Longmont, CO: Sopris West.