Challenging Behavior I Want to Change

Choose a challenging behavior with which you are coping. Be as specific as you can as you respond to the following questions about the behavior.

  1. What is the behavior? Use verbs to capture it.

  2. How often does it occur?

  3. When does this behavior occur?

  4. Where does the behavior occur?

  5. What student behavior do you want to increase and/or decrease? (Remember, specific and observable.)

  6. What happened just before the challenging behavior occurred?

  7. What happened just after the challenging behavior occurred?

  8. How do others respond to the behavior?

  9. Describe your feelings about the student and the behavior.

  10. Describe your actions after the behavior occurred.

  11. How do you want this behavior to change?

  12. Who has been involved in helping you attempt to change the behavior?

  13. Think about who else might help you to develop a positive behavior support plan for your student. How will you request their assistance?

  14. What do each of you think the function of the behavior is?

  15. Reflect on your pro-active management strategies. Are there some changes you could make in your classroom structure and routine? What are least three changes you could make?

  16. What technique will help you collect data on the behavior? (interval, duration, etc.)

  17. Reflect on ways you can collect data to determine the ABCs. What three pieces of information will you collect and how will you collect them?

  18. Reflect on the function of the challenging behavior. What is the student communicating?

  19. What behavior influence techniques might help?

  20. Reflect on your approach to the student as the challenging behavior is beginning. How will you approach the student now (voice, body language, words)?

  21. What techniques could I use to respond to the behavior?

  22. What words you will say to make your first request?

  23. What words you will say to make your second request?

  24. What will you do if the student does not comply with your second request?

  25. How will you maintain your concern and dedication while working with students with challenging behaviors?

Worksheet was developed by: Carolyn Ito, Judy Hazelgrove, Mary Holm for the T/TAC - Workshop presentation "Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom".