Featured Applications: Calendars and Task Management Tools

By Cathy Buyrn, M.Ed.

All students need to learn how to manage digital calendars and task management systems in order to function in today’s technology-driven world.  Whether they have a disability or not, students will be expected to access, edit, and manage calendars and tasks at school and in the working world.  While you may still maintain a paper calendar or task management system, it is critical to develop digital calendar and task management skills in your students.  Countless calendar and task management tools are available for every device imaginable.  Check out a few of the tools below and start to develop your own digital skills so that you can prepare your students for the future that they face.

Featured Calendar Applications


(Click on each to explore)



outlook  Microsoft Outlook

cCalendar Management

cTask Management

This application is usually built into the Microsoft Office Suite of

software and is preloaded on most PCs.


cCalendar Management

cTask Management

This application is built into

Apple devices and can be

synchronized online with other devices.


cCalendar Management


Google Calendar is a free online calendar management tool that can be shared with multiple

people and synchronized with other calendar systems.


(Check your device’s support
documentation to explore integrated calendar & task features.)

cCalendar Management

cTask Management

Personal cell phones and digital devices come with built-in

calendar and task management systems.  Don’t overlook these free tools that are already on the devices that most people carry.

appApple iTunes App Store

cCalendar Management

cTask Management

A variety of calendar and task management apps for iDevices are available at the Apple iTunes App Store.


cCalendar Management

cTask Management

Check out the Android Market for applications compatible with

Android devices.