2012-2013 Newsletters

May/June 2013 (Electronic Newsletter)
      • Teachers Supporting Students to Become Self-Directed Learners
      • Cooperative Learning in Inclusive Classrooms: Students Who Work Together, Learn Together
      • Instructional Sequence for Teaching Structure of the English Language
      • Career Preparation: Keeping an Eye on the Finish Line
      • Describing Specifically Designed Instruction, Related Services, Supplementary Aids and Services, and Program Modifications in the IEP
      • Featured Apps: Tools for Establishing Goals and Tracking Progress
February/March 2013 (Electronic Newsletter)
      • Teaching IS Rocket Science!
      • Assessment, Flexible Grouping, and Research-Based Instructional Strategies: Powerful Tools for Co-Taught Classes
      • Multisensory Structured Language Education of Basic Language Skills: Another Way to Teach Word Study               
      • Designing the IEP: Measuring and Reporting Progress Toward Mastery of Annual Goals
      • Featured Apps:  Digital Reading Tools
      • Making Interest and Career Connections: The Race for Discovery
November/December 2012 (Electronic Newsletter)
      • A Note Worthy Strategy for Student Success:  Becoming Effective Listeners and Note-Takers
      • Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Coming out of the Starting Blocks
      • Content Literacy: A Key That Opens the Door to a Successful Future
      • One Teacher’s Story:  Results-Oriented Writing Instruction for Struggling Students
      • Designing Meaningful IEPs – Selecting and Writing Annual Goals and Objectives
      • Better Behavior Through Precorrection, Prompts, and Specific Praise
      • Featured Apps:  Tools for Intensifying and Individualizing Instruction
September/October 2012 (Electronic Newsletter)
      • Inclusion and Intensive Instruction: Can We Have Both?
      • I3 = Intense Instructional Intervention:  Data, Decision, to Design
      • Engaging Teachers in their Professional Growth
      • Increasing Student Opportunities to Respond
      • Featured Apps: Tools for Teachers
      • Understanding the Virginia ESEA Waiver
      • Designing Meaningful IEPs - Crafting the PLoP