T/TAC William and Mary Welcomes Denyse Doerries and Dale Pennell

It gives us great pleasure to announce the addition of Denyse Doerries and Dale Pennell to our T/TAC W&M staff.

Denyse is the T/TAC moderate disabilities and behavioral specialist. She has 30 years of experience as a school psychologist working with both general and special education students and teachers from preschool through college. Denyse has a breadth of experience serving the needs of individuals with a wide range of significant disabilities. Her specialty areas include assessment and development of intervention plans for students with emotional/behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, mental retardation, autism, ADHD, and other health impairments. She has a particular interest in team problem solving and collaborative service delivery. Contact Denyse at 757-221-1927 or [[dbdoer]] for assistance in the areas of positive behavioral supports for students with challenging behaviors, functional behavioral assessments, team building, staff development and assessment issues (standardized and alternative).

Dale is T/TAC's secondary and transition specialist and the coordinator of long-term assistance projects. She has worked for 29 years as a general education teacher and administrator in Virginia's elementary and secondary schools. She has extensive experience in curriculum design, clinical supervision, and professional development. Her areas of particular interest include meeting the instructional needs of all students in inclusive settings and the processes of collaborative planning, teaching, and problem solving. Contact Dale at 757-221-1708 or [[dppenn]] for assistance in the areas of middle and high school curriculum modification, teaching techniques, learning strategies, collaborative planning and teaching skills, and transition services.

Date: Novemebr/December 2000