Summer Professional Learning

Online professional development for K-12 teachers

Summer Programming

All live web events start at 7PM. Open and free to educators.

May 23 Twitter Chat

Meet and Greet and Open Discussion on Teaching #TribeTeachers

June 6 Webinar (Register)

Creating a Professional Web Presence
Teachers' lives are increasingly public. In this webinar, we'll explore strategies for creating or improving your professional web presence as a teacher.

June 20 Twitter Chat

Creating a Professional Web Presence #TribeTeachers

July 11 Webinar (Register)

Using Engaging Communication Tools
Learn about communication tools you can use to engage your students in learning, and to connect families to your classroom.

July 25 Twitter Chat

Using Engaging Communication Tools #TribeTeachers

August 8 Webinar (Register) 

Classroom Organization
Learn tips and resources for designing your classroom space in ways that optimize student learning and reduce distractions.

August 22 Twitter Chat

Classroom Organization #TribeTeachers

July 2 - August 3 Online Professional Development Course

For the Joy of Learning: Cultivating Engagement in Your Students

Tribe Teachers is proud to announce our first online professional learning course for K-12 teachers. For the Joy of Learning: Cultivating Engagement in Your Students will be offered from July 2 – August 3 during the 2018 summer session. This course is open to all interested K-12 teachers. Space is limited to 25 participants. Teachers who complete this summer professional learning opportunity will receive a certificate of completion for 30 professional development hours. Learn more.

Tribe Teachers Summer Programming [PDF]

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