Classroom Control Panel

Take your classroom out for a spin

The control panel for every classroom in the School of Education is a Crestron touch screen located on every podium. 

1. Activate the system by touching the middle of the touch screen panel.

2. Select your input. If you are teaching from the classroom computer in the podium, select PC. If you are teaching from your own laptop, you'll need to know whether you have a VGA or an HDMI connection.

Classroom Touch Screen

3. You may switch between inputs during your class session. Try Air Media if you want to project a student screen. Blu-Ray will display the DVD player. High resolution document cameras are located in the side of each classroom teaching station.

4. When you are finished with your class, select System Off to shut down the system.

Need assistance? Pick up the phone on the back of the podium and phone 1-4011 anytime.