Student Panopto Usage

Panopto is the best way to upload and share course video assignments. You can upload and share video files if your professor has enabled the Panopto dropbox feature in your course. 

Create and Upload a Student Teaching Video
  1. Log in to Panopto through your Blackboard course area. Once there you will see a Create tab at the top that will give you two options- Record a video or Upload an existing video. 
  2. If this is your first time recording using Panopto, you should navigate to the appropriate OS (Windows or Mac) tab and download the recorder. 
  3. Once you have downloaded the recorder, click "launch recorder". 
  4. Select the correct audio and video sources for your session. (If you are using a webcam kit from the Learning Resource Center, look for Logitech HD Webcam for both your audio and video sources).
  5. Do not select to record PowerPoint or the desktop unless you intend to capture your screen as part of your student teaching session.
  6. Once the recording is finished, press stop. If you have an internet connection, the session will be automatically uploaded to the cloud hosted Panopto server, and linked to the instructor's drop box.

Quick visual walk through here.